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Fujifilm was founded in 1934 in aims of making film a first Japanese industry, and we currently handle everything from input through output, providing color films, instant cameras, developing and printing systems, color paper and even photo printing services. As a leading company in photography, we will continue using high-quality products and wide-ranging services to address customer needs as they change and shift with the era, while also aiding in the advancement of photography culture.

[image]instax mini LiPlay

instax mini LiPlay

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Main Products and Services

  • Instant photo systems (instax)
  • Photo printing materials (Photographic paper and chemicals for color prints, Inkjet paper and inks, Thermal paper and ribbons)
  • Printer devices (Minilabs, Thermal photo printers)
  • Labs and photo printing services (Value-added printing services such as Photobook, Photo printing services)
  • Photographing sensitive sensitive materials (Color negative film, Reversal film, QuickSnap)