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Recording Media

In tandem with the advance of digital technology and IT, we provide storage media and archiving services for the storage and management of the digital data that society constantly accumulates in a variety of fields. We help build the societal infrastructure required to safeguard critical digital data like personal information, and ensure the efficient use of this data.

Main Products and Services

[image]LTO Ultrium8

Magnetic recording tape for computers (Data storage media)


Magnetic tape is a very safe means of long-term storage, with an excellent cost/performance ratio. Since developing the first videotape variety for broadcast use in Japan in 1959, Fujifilm has worked to make great leaps in magnetic tape performance and evolve our proprietary technologies in the field. In recent years, we have begun providing massive-volume magnetic recording tape for the computer backup field using barium ferrite, a magnetic medium developed internally, which is in use at companies, governments, financial institutions and research bodies in nations around the world.

[image]Data archive service

Data archive service


Data held by companies and other bodies varies widely, in both analog and digital forms, frequency of use, and length of retention period. We provide services that achieve reductions in storage cost while converting data to an asset, by supporting efficient data operations, media storage categorized automatically based on frequency of use, and digitization of analog data.