Fundamental Technologies


Ability to clearly show mechanisms using analytical technology

  • Clearly show mechanisms using analytical technology

  • Three technical strengths that support analytical technologies

    1. Theoretical calculation: Material in theoretical calculation/Medicine/Device design technologies
    2. Analytical chemistry: Ultra-high sensitivity analytical technology that directly detects each atom and molecule
    3. Physical chemistry: Material/Medicine/Device functional portion visualization technologies

Orientation Structural Analysis of Crystalline Molecules in WV Film

Analyze complex orientation structures with constantly changing tilt angles (average molecular angle) and degree of orientation (tilt angle distribution)

Analysis of the Antioxidant Performance of the Cosmetic Material Astaxanthin

In selecting astaxanthin, measure the degree of antioxidant performance compared to other materials

Surfactant Chemistry Calculations

Reproducing the results of reactive matter additives in electrolytic solutions using our “Kyo” computer for large-scale, first-order molecular dynamics calculations

Dispersal State Analysis in High Concentrations of Dispersed Matter

Accurately assess and analyzes high concentrations of flocculations that control performance and dispersal status (um-mm) without dilution